Why UnividualS

The most experienced Uniface experts in the Netherlands together form the cooperative organisation UnividualS. By joining forces, they create a flexible organisation that does not shy away from a challenge.

Below are a few characteristics of our professionals.


Like many of our customers, we operate across national borders. Our clients are either located or have offices all over the world.

How do we do this? Of course, nowadays almost everything can be done remotely. In cases where that’s not possible, we can still go on location. However, thanks to our extensive partner network, we can also deploy one of our partners.


Due to our flexible attitude and our extensive partner network, the boundaries of working days and working hours are becoming blurred for us. As a result, we can be deployed 7 days a day, 24 hours a day, if required.


Due to our unique organizational structure and the involvement and experience of our professionals, we have very short lead times and deliver our services quickly.


Low overhead

Due to our cooperative organisational structure, we have a very low overhead. Content matters are discussed directly between client and professional.

Business partner

We believe in partnerships and collaborations. In addition to our own experience, we therefore complement our organisation with professionals from our immediate surroundings.

Technology partners

Where our expertise ends, that of our partners begins. Our technology partners complement us where necessary. From database and system management to implementation and integration.


We are a Uniface Business Partner. This means that we cooperate with Uniface on all fronts.

Our professionals all have a lot of experience with Uniface. They know the ropes.