No matter how well an application is developed and maintained, it will need to be renovated over time. Regardless of the technology used and the qualities of the developers. Uniface applications also require occasional restructuring. With the aim of increasing maintainability and expandability.

Refactoring is a process to revise the entire application or parts of it. This can vary from restoring points and commas to completely rebuilding the application parts. Refactoring can for example be necessary when performance issues occur or to improve the reusability of parts. Also refactoring may be necessary to prepare for a migration.

Our professionals have extensive experience in developing and managing Uniface applications. Refactoring is one of the services.

We have the right expertise and specially developed tools to carry out refactoring efficiently.

You have chosen Uniface as the basis for your business support software and want to keep the risks for your business-critical applications as low as possible. Your administrators and IT professionals ensure the continuity of your daily business. Refactoring is a disruption of their work. By choosing an experienced partner to manage this refactoring, you limit the risks.

In theory, any Uniface developer can perform refactoring. However, unexpected problems can occur in practice. Our experience shows that developers within an organisation often look at the application through coloured glasses. They know the ins and outs, and with that they have learned to accept the things that should be the subject of refactoring. An expert can give a complete overview based on his experience.

Our approach

Just like every organization, every application is unique. After all, the applications support your business operations. Your application is made to measure. This also applies to refactoring.

Our approach is based on years of experience, in which we have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of applications pass by. Our approach offers stability and yet sufficient flexibility, so that we can also process your applications as efficiently as possible.

Every refactoring project starts with an extensive analysis of the sources of the application. This shows the scope and necessity of refactoring.

To this end, we use a step-by-step plan:

  1. Intake of the application(s) and the context.
  2. Analysis of the application(s) prior to refactoring.
  3. Analysis of the context of the application(s).
  4. Refactoring of the application(s).
  5. Advice on changes in context.
  6. Delivery and configuration of the application(s).

You determine which steps are important to you. For the analysis and refactoring we use tooling developed by ourselves. All steps are carefully documented and explained to the client.

Of course, you can also limit our services to the analysis only. See our analysis service.



Intake of the application(s) and the context



Analysis of the application(s) prior to refactoring.



Analysis of the context of the application(s). Because applications cannot do without that context. Think of network and database links.



Refactoring of the application(s)



Advice on changes in context.


Oplevering en Configuratie

Delivery and configuration of the application(s)


Refactoring lends itself very well to being carried out remotely. Want to know more? Then please contact us. Fill in the form below.

Knowledge center

We have set up our services in knowledge centres. Uniface refactoring is one of them. Your refactoring is carried out from A to Z in this knowledge centre.

For more information, please contact the knowledge centre via the contact form.