In most organisations where applications are developed in Uniface, these applications belong to the business critical core. The choice for Uniface is a wise one. Uniface is upward compatible, which results in a very favourable ROI. Uniface applications will last a long time.

However, applications are never static closed boxes. They move in an ever moving world. Insights into IT and the use of technology are, just like your own organisation, dynamic. How does your application fit into this time picture? Our professionals pass on that insight through our analysis service.

Our professionals have extensive experience in analyzing Uniface applications.

We have the right expertise and specially developed tools to perform the analysis efficiently.

You have chosen Uniface as the basis for your business support software and you want to keep the risks for these business-critical applications as low as possible. Managers and IT professionals ensure the continuity of the daily business. Making an application constantly move with all trends and changes is impossible.

After all, applications are functionally kept up to date, but there is usually no time or budget for technical matters. Our own experiences and research show that more than 90% of all applications show signs of ‘outdatedness’ internally. Usually these only come to the surface when it is too late. In the form of performance problems or an increase in the turnaround time of management effort.

Often a reason is needed to carry out a thorough analysis of the applications. Sometimes there is also a need. For example, before a migration is carried out. It is therefore an integral part of our migration service. Before migration it may be necessary to perform a refactoring based on the analysis report.

In theory, any Uniface developer can perform a thorough analysis.  However, this turns out to be disappointing in practice. Overdue technical maintenance is sometimes difficult to identify and the consequences cannot be estimated. For example, a developer is often blind to the consequences of his own choices or those of his colleagues and predecessors.

It is precisely the involvement of a third party that can help carry out a thorough analysis. An expert can give a complete overview based on his experience. Moreover, an (external) expert can give an objective picture of the status of the application.

Our approach

Just like every organization, every application is unique. After all, the applications support your business operations. Your application is tailor-made. It’s also people work. This means that several people with their own knowledge and experience and this way of working have worked on it.  This means that a large part of the analysis also consists of custom work.

Our approach is based on years of experience, in which we have analysed dozens of applications. This approach offers stability and yet sufficient flexibility, so that we can also analyse your applications as efficiently as possible and provide sound advice.

Our analysis is not limited to just the software. If desired, we include the context of the application in our analysis, as well as the development processes and the use of Uniface features.

The reason for the analysis may vary. For example, an analysis may be necessary for a migration to a higher Uniface version, but it may also be necessary to investigate a problem with the application. An analysis can also be used to periodically assess the status of the application.

Whatever the reason for the analysis, our approach is basically always the same:

  1. Intake of the application(s) and the context.
  2. Analysis of the technical state of the application(s).
  3. Analysis of the existing processes for development, testing, acceptance and production of the application(s).
  4. Analysis of the use of Uniface.
  5. Analysis of the context of the application.
  6. Preparation of a report with our findings.
  7. Advice on modified processes.

You determine which steps are important to you. For the analysis we use tooling developed by ourselves. All steps are carefully documented and explained to the client.




Intake of the application(s) and the context.



Analysis of the technical state of the application(s). Which functions, statements or structures can lead to issues?



Analysis of the existing processes for development, testing, acceptance and production of the application(s).



Analysis of the use of Uniface. Is Uniface used optimally?



Analysis of the context of the application. Connection to databases, configuration of Uniface and security of web components.



Drafting an extensive report with our findings.



Advice on the steps to be taken following from the report.


Of all the services provided by UnividualS professionals, the analysis lends itself best to being carried out remotely. Would you like to know more? Then please contact us. Fill in the form below.

Analysis competence center

We have set up our services in knowledge centres. Uniface analysis is one of them. Your analysis is carried out from A to Z in this knowledge centre.

For more information, please contact the knowledge centre via the contact form.