Uniface services

Many organizations rely on custom software for their continuity. The development of customized applications requires a lot of resources. Time, money and people. These applications are not a throw-away product, they are made with the future in mind. But development alone is not enough. That’s when it starts.

You (once) chose Uniface. We think that’s an excellent decision! Applications written in Uniface are very easy to maintain and last a long time. Provided they are well maintained. The process of software maintenance is very different from that of its development.

If you are not or do not have an IT organisation yourself, the management of software can be seen as a cost item.

We’d like to help you keep your applications up to date. Custom software is not a cost item, it’s a profit center.

Our Uniface services

In order to provide our clients with the best possible service, we have divided our services into 3 main groups. These are primarily concerned with relieving our clients of their worries.

1. Fix the basics

A collection of services that revolve around repairing application backlogs. With constant functionality and always reversible. Therefore with very low risk. Why would you want to catch up while the functionality remains the same? We have listed a few arguments for you:

  • Reducing management costs
  • Keep or bring under (Uniface) support
  • Accelerating the software

Although these services can all be deployed separately, there is a clear relationship. The analysis is always necessary to predict the impact of other changes. A refactoring may be necessary before migrating.

If the basis is good, the application can be upgraded.

2. Upgrade

These services revolve around increasing the functionality or applicability of the software. Applications move with their organization and no organization stands still. As a result, applications also have to move forward. As soon as the basis of the application is good, an application can be expanded with new or changed functionality. There are often enormous gains to be made by thinking about reusability of business rules; which open up important parts of the application to other applications and systems.

These services are all about adding value to the application and to the overall landscape in which it functions.

3. Professional support

Ensure yourself of the best professionals to support and relieve you.

  • Do you have a question or a problem?
  • Would you like to spar with an experienced Uniface professional once in a while?
  • Looking for an extra pair of eyes to review an application?
  • Are you looking for a partner who takes the management of your application completely out of your hands?

The services in this cluster revolve around providing professional support. Whether it’s one-off or structural. We are here for you.


Fix the basics

With the same functionality, we map the application(s), provide cleaned code and bring the application(s) to the latest version of Uniface.



Appliconstantations move with the organization, market and legislation. We provide your application(s) with modern access possibilities via the web, we implement the latest technologies and we add new functionality.


Professional Support

Our professionals have a lot of experience which they are happy to share or make available in the long term. Whether it concerns consultancy, training of your employees or the maintenance of your application(s).

Fix the basics


Your applications have been developed and maintained with care. However, applications are never static closed boxes. They move in an ever moving world. Insights into IT and the use of technology are, just like your own organisation, dynamic. How does your application fit into this time picture? We are happy to tell you.


Your infrastructure is constantly changing. Keeping your Uniface environment up to date is part of that.

Put the migration of your Uniface applications in the hands of our professionals, so you can continue to focus on your core business.


No matter how well an application is developed and maintained, it will need to be renovated over time. With the aim of increasing maintainability and expandability. The functionality will not be changed. However, it is certainly an investment that pays for itself.



Applications developed in Uniface usually belong to the core systems of your organization. The data and business logic belong to the core of the organisation. Increase ROI by unlocking the logic in Uniface applications. We are happy to show it to you.


Technology doesn’t stand still. We support you in technological changes. We do not limit ourselves to just Uniface, but also take a close look at the whole context.


Your organization doesn’t stand still. Constantly moving to follow the market. New developments, changed needs or regulations. All these things lead to changes in your application(s).

Our professionals are happy to help you with the implementation.

Professional support


Even your IT professionals sometimes have an issue they need external help with. Troubleshooting or sounding boards. The professionals of UnividualS are the Uniface Professional Service. Worldwide we provide our consultancy services for organisations that rely on Uniface for their business-critical applications.


Our experienced Uniface professionals will train your employees on location or remotely in the use of Uniface. Our training programmes are coordinated with and certified by Uniface.


An application needs constant care. Usually little, sometimes more.

Ensure yourself of the best professionals in the Uniface market.