Making Migration Manageable

Staying up-to-date is critical to your business. Keeping your infrastructure up-to-date is equally important. Migrating your Uniface applications to version 10 is essential.

An upgrade is a disruption to your operation. UnividualS is your partner when it comes to migrating your Uniface applications to version 10 while minimizing the impact on your organization. Are you using the latest Uniface 9 version? Or are you still using Uniface 8 or even Uniface 7 for that matter? The migration experts of UnividualS are here to help.

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C. Information about the development environment of the application

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What’s next?

After we have received your form the following proces will start.

  1. First we will contact you to confirm we received the information you  did provide.
  2. You provided us information about your application. We appreciate  the trust you have in us, but we want to be on the safe side, so we prefer to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed. We can provide one.
  3. We will process the information. If we need more information we will ask you to provide that. This might include logfiles and assignment files. We have a secured data fault to share these files.
  4. Based on the information we will estimate the amount of work. This will lead to a Statement Of Work (SOW) in which we specify things like the requirements, the work, the deliverables and lead times.