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    Your first RESTful web service in Uniface

    Web services are everywhere, although we are not usually aware of them. When you check the weather forecast on your mobile device, for instance, you are probably using one or more web services. The same is true when you make an online payment or use a Microsoft product on your computer. Most modern cars use web services too.

    Users are unaware of these web services since they don’t have a user interface. Most people will never see a web service, and yet they use them on a daily basis.

    So, web services are something that only software developers like you and me need to be concerned with. Fortunately, creating a web service in Uniface is very easy.

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  • move to the server

    Move the data connection string to the server: why and how

    For today’s businesses, they say, data is more important than ever. I don’t agree with the ‘today’ part: data always…

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